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How To Keep A Woman.

In this age of high competition, being left for another man is something that can happen to anyone. This does not mean you are a low quality man or that the other man is somehow better than you. It is simply that you went about the relationship wrong but here are a few pointers for your next relationship.

1. Attention;

Everyone likes to feel special, especially women. They want to feel needed and wanted. Some just want you to complement them often, tell them a bunch of sweet nothings, others want to be bought for gifts while for some it's being touched, remembering their special occasions and so on. If you make her feel special she will become addicted to you.

2. Provider;

Every woman likes a man that she can depend on. This does not mean that she wants you be her ultimate source of income. You don't even have to have millions in the bank however a man that is hardworking and can hustle, a man that is always there for her whenever she has a problem is definitely a man that she wants to keep. No one wants a lazy bum that does not even try to provide for himself.

3. Desirable;

Human beings have a tendency to want what is wanted by others. So the trick here is to become desirable to the people in her circle. Groom your appearance, treat her well Infront of others and just try to be a decent human being. When others notice and mention it to her, she will feel lucky to have you and will never want to lose you.

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