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Are You Dating? This Is How To Know The Man Chasing on You Is A Married Man

Men try to hide their true colours by putting forward their best foot. A man can hide anything crucial that will make him known to be married. Married men are always mature and responsible and when a single lady falls for him, she tends to be serious with him and after few days of realizing he is married, it hurts them much.

The following are the ways a lady can identify and know if the man she is dating is married or not:

1. A married man will always give little information about himself and his lifestyle. This will be because he will be trying to protect the lady from knowing the truth about his life. A married man will try to play the game of no strings attached, but will do anything to impress the lady. When a lady realizes that the man she is dating is a few worded one, then she should be careful with him to avoid future heartbreak. A married man avoids a lady from knowing where he works and lives.

2. A married man tends to be too obsessive with his phone, and even accessing it can be a problem. This is because he wants to hide the conversation that he always has with his wife, and also he knows the lady might find some crucial information that he is married, for instance family pictures saved in the gallery. A married man also keeps away the phone from the lady he is dating because he doesn't want her to see how he has saved her name in it. A married man doesn't save the real name of the lady she is dating in his phone because the wife might know about it.

3. A married man doesn't talk about his future with you, but will tend to talk to the lady's future with another man, but not him. In addition to this, he won't feel okay introducing you to his parents and friends and will always avoid being seen in public with the lady.

4. When a lady tries to communicate with him during late hours, he always gives excuses or even switches off his phone and the following day he will give you unrealistic excuses to blind the lady from knowing the truth.

5. A married man always goes on how to convince a lady for quick intimacy, an after that he will flee away because he has got what brought him to that lady. To get this, he will always promise giving everything the lady wants to make her give him and after that all the promises vanishes in thin air.

Is it right for a married man to have another lady?

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