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The Way To Win A Man's Heart Is Through Stomach:(Opinion)

“The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”: Explained

Food is an essential need in everyone's life. It's needed not only by animals but also plants. Food plays very important role on our body for one, it gives us strength, protect us against diseases and it also build our body.

Did you know that food is also a requirement when it comes to relationship? No matter how much couples love each other when the wife does not know how to cook then she is doomed. The probability of the marriage to last will be in doubt.

Many ladies have been sent back to their parents houses simply because they do not know how to cook. This is so embarrassing. Imagine the neighbors seeing you at home expecting that after one or two weeks you shall be going back to where you are marred yet you are back to stay due to simple mistake.

Why am I saying all these? Most ladies tend to think that men will love them and they will also win their men's heart just by other things rather than food. No man will be happy to live with a lady who don't know how to cook.

Therefore a way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Ladies let all get this once and for all.Men love it when they eat food that has been prepared by their ladies. They really enjoy these meals when it is properly prepared.

As a lady you should know the kind of food your husband love to eat. Learn how to cook it. Then prepare it to their satisfaction. You will see your man eat to his fullest. Your man will not have to stop at a nearby hotel to eat because when he remembers the kind of food his wife cooks he will directly go home.

You will also notice that the rate of love is increasing just because of food. Your man will love you more.The man will be proud of you. Ladies planning to get married just make sure you know how to cook for your man to avoid future embarrassment. The relationship will not be enjoyable when the lady doesn't know how to cook because there is no way she will win her man's heart.

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