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How to make a woman miss you

Making a woman miss you can be very easy if you have the necessary skills needed. Do these things to make a woman miss you.

1. Do not text her back straight away.

A lot of men think that reply back immediately to a woman's text is the best things to do. This is never good because it makes you look idle or desperate for her. Take your time before you reply back to her text so that she wonders what you are doing. This way, she is going to miss you.

2. Do not be the one always initiating the conversation.

Stop being the one always sending her the first message to start a conversation with her. This makes you look desperate and women do not like that in men. Sometimes let her miss you untill she initiates a the conversation with you.

3. Always be the one to end the phone calls first.

Some guys think that talking with a woman on call for hours will make her fall in love. This is not the case because she does not get the time to miss you so that she realises her feelings for you. Always end the call first and make her crave for more and even miss talking to you.

4. Make her feel as if she is missing out.

Send her or post on social media photos of the nice things you are doing. It can either be partying with friends or having fun at your favourite place without inviting her. This will make her feel that she is miss out on all the fun. This way she will miss spending more time with you.

5. Do not plan a second date for a couple of days.

After the first date with her, give her space and time to miss you. This will help her develop more interest in you and even miss you so a lot.

6. See her once or twice per week.

For a woman to miss you a lot, you need to be a little bit unavailable in her life. Let her understand that you are a busy man and you are trying as much as possible to make time for her. This way she is going to miss you a lot.

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