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What It Means If He Hasn't Texted You After You Slept Together.

There's a lot of questions running through your if you've slept with a guy and he didn't text back. What happened? Does he feel the same way? What does it all mean? Was that all he was after? Don't worry. You're not the only girl who has been put in this kind of situation. And you certainly won't be the last one either. First of all, do not blame yourself if it happens to you. Keep in mind you just have a casual relationship with this man, he might be dealing with personal issues. However, there's a chance that it might have something to do with you, after all. Here are reasons why men don't text back.

1. He's busy or really not in the mood to engage in a conversation with anyone. What's going through his mind is that, the moment he responds to your text message, there's going to be billions of follow-up texts and it can be draining to reply to all of them. Besides, a lot of women do not reply to text messages either and I'm sure it's for the same reasons.

2. The biggest reason he's not replying to your text it's because he doesn't want to be the bearer of bad news. If you've been on a date and he didn't enjoy it, it means he's lost interest. Responding to your texts would just prolong the agony of him not wanting to let you down.

3. He's afraid to say what he really feels at that particular moment. So he's avoiding being put in an awkward situation. Sometimes a man knows that he can be hurtful with his words, so he prefers to be silent than having to deal with the backlash of hurting someone.

4. Generally, men don't like to participate in texting because they know that women take these texts too seriously. Women take these messages like classic novels wherein each line has to be analyzed and replected upon theoretically. A man's mind isn't as complex as that of a serious novelist.

5. Maybe he prefers face-to-face communication over texting. Men know that a lot of messages can get misunderstood in the world of virtual communication. And so sometimes, innocent texts can come off as wrong or insulting.

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