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6 Bitter Signs That A Man No Longer Loves You.

In most cases when a man wants to part ways with his girlfriend or wife he premeditates about it. A woman should be wise enough to detect a foul play before it happens so as to prepare psychologically for the next move.

It is possible to detect that a man has stopped loving you like before even without him confessing to you verbally.

If a man starts showing the following 6 bitter signs it is obvious that he has stopped loving you and that it's time for a woman to take a serious step.

1.Starts being secretive. If he stops allowing you to access his phone like before, tilts his phone so that you may not see his text messages when you sit besides him or stops letting you know of his where bouts it's obvious that his feelings have changed and is no longer interested in you.

2.Lack of communication. Communication is very important for an effective relationship. Lack of it is one of the major signs that things are not well. If a woman notices for a prolonged time that both verbal and non verbal communication is diminishing it's likely that things are falling apart between the two of you.

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3.Stops enjoying to spend time with you. A man may start giving minor excuses to avoid being close to you. If you used to enjoy being together before but after a period of time he starts getting irritated when you talk of hanging out together, that is a bad sign.

4.Keeps forgetting special events. Events like anniversaries, birthdays and Valentines day are rarely forgotten by those that cherish you.

5.Keeps you out of contributing in decision making like before. Recently he doesn't bother to tell you about his projects, work or anything regarding him but just wants to do things alone.

6.Begins comparing you with other women. If a man loves a woman he will not compare her with anybody but will try to accept her the way she is or help her become a better person.

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