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5 Things That You Should Always Keep Private

In this era of social media we often think that is okay to share intricate details of our lives. This is however not good for our overall self development. It derails our long term success and it may also cause us to have rifts with other people.

Intimate details of our relationships with our significant other, the details of our relationship weather good or bad should only be shared with our partners. If we have a problem with our partner then only he or she can fix it so we should tell them. Sharing our issues with other people will only elicit their judgement, mockery or opinions that may not be useful. It might also give them something to use against you.

Our goals and ambitions, talking about our goals and ambitions with the wrong people might lead them into discouraging and to drop the goals. They may also steal our ideas. Sometimes, when you talk about what you plan to do you feel fulfilled and satisfied as if you've already accomplished the goal and no longer chase it.

Our medical conditions, It does no one good to know what ever ailments you might be suffering from. Infact it is a negative energy that will only dampen the mood and cause people grief. Our medical conditions are some of things that should only be share with those closest to us.

Our failures and regrets, These belong on our past and are no longer a part of who we are. We should learn from them but not go around telling everyone we meet about them. This also includes our past relationships and everything that went wrong in those relationships. No one needs to know about this as they might just use it against you eventually.

Your 'beef' with someone else, if you no longer talk to someone or if you are not in good terms with a person it is not proper to tell everyone about it. You don't have to make people hate the people that you hate. Keep the problem between the two of you and do not burden others with the responsibility of choosing sides

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