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Never Date an Unapologetic Woman (3 Reasons).

Never Date Unapologetic Woman (3 Reasons).

We have been talking about dating now and again but it seems like there are still some loopholes that requires fixing.

As we promised, we will never let you down in that sector and that is why we are back again with a new tip.

They always say that you should be ready to date someone who loves you but not the one you love.

The reason being, you are likely to force yourself into them when they care less about it.

That means, you are likely to end up with a one sided relationship where you are the only one doing almost everything as they sit back and watch.

In that case, if you feel you like a woman too much, then the only advice you need now is to avoid dating her.

And if you want to know the reason why since it is why we are here, here are the reasons we are bringing to you.

Listen and execute where possible:

1. You are likely to be a simp.

As a man, being a simp should never be an option in your life no matter beautiful she is. This is because, she might turn up to take you for granted.

Maybe for those who still don't understand, a simp is someone who does something to a woman while expecting a favor in return.

That is a simp. Mostly, simps never make it successful in relationship. Their attempts ends up failing them.

So, dating a woman who you love so crazy but doesn't love you back may turn you into a simp because you will be working towards making her happy while she cares less.

In that case, no matter her beautiful she is, never date a woman who you love so crazily. You won't like it.

2. Trusting you becomes an issue.

Just like the English say that too much of something is poisonous. Nobody feels comfortable with something given in excess.

No matter how much you like it, when it is give in excess, you don't get comfortable with it. You tend to ask yourself more questions.

The same way, when you like a woman so much, she will tend to ask herself what is it that you are hiding from her.

That means, she won't trust you as you expect. What will be in her mind all the time is that you are up to something because it doesn't seem normal.

In that case, to date a woman peacefully with no stress, do not like her too crazily. It will turn up to waste your time.

3. She might take you for granted.

Well, no man wants to be taken for granted most so in a relationship. We all wants to feel the energy we give in return.

But have you ever asked yourself what happens when you like a woman so crazily? She tends to take you for granted.

This is because she knows that whatever she can do, you won't take it for an offence because you like her.

As a result, the person who is likely to waste his time is you. So, if you still wants to be taken for granted, continue loving so deeply.

Otherwise, we hope it makes sense to you up to the moment. If you have any question, feel free to put it down in the comments section down below.

Above all, for this and many more articles, follow us and we promise to never disappoint. Like and share.

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