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Things You Should Never Tell A Woman The First Time You Meet Her

1.You look adorable for your age. Never even think to say anything related to this phrase. We know that you like young ladies but this phrase even though its meant to praise her how good she is, some ladies will be offended. Just tell her that she looks great and it will be fine. Don't complicate things with many useless words.

2.Don't dare explain to her the kind of ladies you love dating. Be it skinny ones, black, young, or fat, keep it to yourself. Ladies don't want to know the type you prefer. You are with her and should accord her the respect she deserves. Make her feel unique.

3. Avoid mentioning anything to do with your past relationship or girlfriend. Ladies hate it when they meet a guy and suddenly he starts narrating about his past memories. No one wants to hear your good or bad past. You have met her so that you can plan a possible future with her. Avoid things that can make you lose your chance with her.

4.Never mention the things you hate to the woman you are meeting for the first time. This is a time for good things and not a time for un-pleasantries. It is very soon to get into that. Tell her about your interests and hobbies and this way it will be fun. Don't make the first day dull.

5.Never ever ask a lady how many partners she has been with in the past. This will give you a free ticket to rejection. It is good to be protective of yourself from diseases but asking this on the first date is weird. Know her better and get used to each other before you ask her this. It is a delicate thing that needs to be handled with care.

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