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Things women notice when a man approaches them

Women are very observant when it comes to the men they come across with.Before approaching any woman,you have to keep in mind that there are things that she is going to target in you.It is very important that you know this things that women notice when any man approaches the so that you can prepare yourself well enough.

1. Your outfits

The first thing that any woman looks at in a man that tries to approach her is the outfits he is wearing.She will analyse your the clothes you are wearing and know what kind of man you are.This is because the type and colour of the clothes you wear communicate a certain message.You must always make sure that the outfits much with the agenda of the day.

2. The way you walk

The way you walk will tell her many things about you more than you can say.Starting from your confidence to your pocket levels.Men never understand that the way they walk can tell whether one has money or not.When one has money,he will walk with total confidence to ensure as many women see him as possible.If you are walking slowly with little confidence then you are likely to be afraid.This will indicate the fear of rejection from the woman.

3. Your face

This is the first thing that a woman will look at.This is to determine how handsome and attractive you look.She will use this to determine whether to listen or avoid you.Make sure to always take good care of your face starting from washing your face regularly and trimming any beards well.This will help to boost how attractive you look when talking to women.

4. Your body masculinity

She will want to see how big and strong your body muscles look.This is because different women have different tastes in men.Some desire huge and masculine while other like lean and tall type.Always go to the gym to build strong muscles that will improve the way you look.This will also help improve your confidence and attractiveness.

5. Your confidence

Women look at how confident you are when you approach them.This is through the way you walk,the way you talk,your eye contact and your voice.Walk with your back straight and your eyes forward when about to approach any woman.Keep your voice at a lower tone and look her in the eyes to communicate that you are not afraid.Avoid being too bold by smiling a little so that she does not become afraid of you.If you like the article please leave a comment,share and follow me for more interesting articles everyday.

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