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3 Signs Your Partner is Losing Interest in You

Are u in a very important relationship that you are worried might be in danger of falling apart because your partner no longer has feelings for you? Here are 3 signs that will help you determine if your partner has lost interest in you.

1. They talk to you less.

Think back on your last few conversation with your partner, do you still talk to them as much as you used to? Or have you noticed them being a lot more quiet and reserved around you. When your partner is losing interest in you, they'll feel less attached and inclined to involve you in their life.

2. They don't reach out anymore.

When your partner stops making an effort to keep in touch with you, it means that they are no longer as invested in the relationship as they used to be. They neither call nor text first.

3. They use you.

Your partner will never initiate a conversation when they begin to lose interest in you and if they do, it'll be to ask you for favours and not to check up on you.

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