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Did You Know There Are Ways In Which Men Play Hard To Get? Check Out

Have you ever think that there are guys out there who plays hard to get to their ladies? Do you know why or what they do in order to be hard to get? Today you are going to know what they do.

Playing hard to get in this case is where the man assumes the lady and shows no interest however much the lady tries. Playing hard to get is different from 'the chase' and in no way, it's as harsh as it sounds. It's just that it may backfire sometimes if you drag it along too far or if you play too hard to get, to get her attention. 

Other than that, it's a fun game to indulge in and by the end of it, we know for sure, she's going to be wanting you back as much as you want her in the first place.

Don't give any attention.

This is where the man does not show any attention at all to the lady. Infact he acts as if the lady does not exist. Of course ladies like attention too much. So even if she wants the attention it will not be given to her. The man needs to give her the attention he wants not the one the lady needs. In this case the man really need to get into his crush's head to figure out what kind of attention she wants and try and play hard to get around that.

The thing is, if you give her the attention she wants, she will stop working towards caring about that attention from you and it'll all end there. So, always weigh the kind of attention you want to give her. Like, keep an eye on her but don't mollycoddle her, at least for a while. But don't create such a distance that she isn't interested in pursuing anything with you. Be smart about it.

Let the lady make her own effort

Men like and love ladies who tries to make their own effort to get into there men. However small or big it is your man will be happy with it. The man will try to be hard to get in order to see the effort the lady is trying to make. By playing hard to get, you can always make her feel in subtle ways, that making an effort for someone you care about isn't a bad thing at all.

Give the lady that chance to miss you

Apart from making the lady to make her own effort, also give her space to be missing you. Not every time you should be around your lady. Sometimes behave as if you are busy to even answer her calls and respond to her messages.

If you have planned to go on a date, postpone the date to a later date and tell her you have other business to attend. In this case your lady will miss you so much to an extent of wanting to be with you every time and also you have played hard to get. Keeping her in mystery about your whereabouts really works like a charm. You can emerge once in a while and strike up a conversation.

Make her wait for intimacy.

If you're a smart guy, you'd know what I mean. Usually, women are a tease for men but sometimes men can be a tease too. You can build sexual tension in a lot of ways. 

You can attract her just by using your body language or by doing subtle things like sending hot selfies of you, or using the element of mystery to completely intrigue her.

Whatever you do, build the tension for a while but never give in, no matter how turned on the two of you are. This can be of great advantage for you, as she'll obviously want you more .

Be a mysterious man

Don't let her in easy, always keep your guard up for a while, when you're playing hard to get, just so she's more intrigued by your presence. Be the man of mystery, she is dying to solve! 

It's rather simple. A woman's mind tends to fill the missing gaps, when there is a lack of information. If you reveal everything at once, there is no scope for leaving anything to the imagination. Simply put, the psychology of attraction always helps if you don't reveal much about yourself and let them be as curious as they can, leaving an element of mystery, to ponder upon. So, let her want to know you more and more before you give in and become unguarded.

Don't lose your lady love in the bargain and always respect her choices. Once she's completely into you, you can stop playing hard to get and get to know her

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