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Signs To Show That She Can Live With You

There are some ladies who can stay and there are those who can not stray with you in your life.Those who stay always shows some signs and behavior which are quite good.Here are some signs to show that she can stay with you and will never leave you alone.

1.She always understands any situation that you are.She never complains about what you pass through.

2.She also always wants to know about you.She must know how you are doing when she is away from you.

3.She is so caring.She cares for you and for your love not to break up.

4.She never wants to loose you in her life.This one shows that she really has true love in you.

5.She never play games with you.She is very honest and has true love in you since she can not have another man aside.

6.She has trust in you .She trust you a lot till she can believe almost everything that you says.

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