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'Kumbe Inafanya Kazi' Kitui Ladies Have Deviced New Way Of Dealing With Cheating Hubby And Boyfriend

Cheating in a relationship and marriages have been on the rise for the last ten years because of modernization and western influence that is spreading across the world, has brought alot of suffering to partners and children in the wedlock where some indivijuals have even resulted to killing each other out of jealousy.

This is what have made women from a little known Mavohko village, Kitui county in the former Eastern province to device new ways of dealing with the vice. They includes the following:

1. Fasting and praying in churches.

They have discovered that God is the answer to all prayer and they gather in churches on every Friday and Saturday's so that they can call God to intervine in their various problem including marital problems. "Tunawaombe mpaka wanabadilka." Said one of the congregant. "We also share our domestic experiences so that one can relieve the burden and reduce the pain from the heart." She added.

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Eastern Kitui Kumbe Inafanya Kazi' Kitui Mavohko Tunawaombe


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