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Top Eight Qualities Men Want In A Woman

In the society today every relationship between a woman and a man are based on the ground which it's formed. Men have specific qualities that they need from a woman and here are some of the top qualities they look for.

1.Feels for you and Understanding.

A woman who is compassionate, feels for you and in everything you do she supports you.


A woman who has a vision for her future and her family, one who has to chase the dream and industrious in her life.

3.Consistent in character.

A woman with a stand in life ,whose character is maintained in public and private.

4.Holds similar values as of the man.

She has to compliment with the man's desires, reason together and agree on on common good.

5. Reasons with you.

She has to be one who holds real discussions and about meaningful topics whose results develops both of you.

6.Put her interest and effort for you.

One who stands in the gap to make sure that you are significant in everything you do and offers genuine support.

7.Have a sense of humour.

A woman who gives you a look that makes you smile back, one who should ensure that tension is not in existence. She makes you happy and not beeing serious all the time when you are with her. She has to be a radiator of warmth.

8.Friendly and sociable.

A woman who accommodates other people including you friends, relatives even though their should be boundaries but with wisdom.

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