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Opinion: Ladies, Here Is How You Hurt Your Man Without Knowing It. Avoid Doing These 3 Things

In a relationship people try as much as they can not to hurt their partners but rarely does this happen. Sometimes we hurt the people we love and care about without knowing. Because they also love us, they won't tell us that we have done something that hurt them.

In today's article we will look at some things ladies do that hurt their men but don't realize it.

1. Second guessing your husband. Trust is a very important virtue in any relationship. Most relationships have collapsed because of lack of trust. Men get hurt when their wife keeps on second guessing them when doing something. Asking him over and over again whether he has done something you agreed on is boring and does hurt his feelings.

2. Comparing him to other men. This hurts a lot for every man and you should never do it. When you make the comparison, men get the feeling that you like them and get hurt because of feeling jealous.

3. Lack of gratitude to your man when he does something to you. It hurts when a man realizes that his woman does not realize the efforts he puts in to provide for her needs. Never take what your man does for granted. Appreciate his efforts and he will be happy and more loving.

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