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Things to do when dating a soul that has been cheated on before

Dating a soul that has experienced a heartbreak can be a hell of an experience. It requires you to be patient with them and think about your moves towards them. This is because any minor mistake made can make them pull away since they do not want to witness the past repeating itself. The following are things you can do or not do when in a relationship with someone who has been heartbroken before.

Do affirm

Speak words of affirmation to your partner and make them feel safe with you. That single word of affirmation could be all they need to grow stronger each day and overcome their past experience.

Answer their questions 

People who have been heartbroken before might be full of questions that indicate their insecurities. They might want to know where you are and who are you with. To help them overcome their insecurities answer their questions. The questions might be too much but for their sake you’ll have to answer them.

Don’t make them doubt

Create an environment where honesty reigns. Keep off the simple petty lies because they could make your partner distance himself for fear of history repeating itself. 

Know their triggers

Simple things which can remind them of their past should be avoided. These could be a song, a restaurant or a hairstyle.

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