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Heartbreaking Impacts Of Engaging In Toxic Relationships

Talking about a toxic relationship, I mean having a partner who gives you hard times, shows no concern about your welfare, simply takes you for granted and acts like you never exist in his life.

The whole life of that affair is full of chaos, endless violence and heartbreaking stories. Most of us go through such traumatizing moments when we land in relationships with people who are not our perfect match. 

They say love is all about patience, but do have to let yourself suffer the pain of being humiliated in the name of true affection? Absolutely no, I don't support this. Actually this article is meant to educate you on these deadly impacts of being in unhealthy relationship. 

These effects include; 

1. Loss of friendships. 

Of course it's normal to have fake friends who show up when life is sweet and comfortable. However, when things start changing and life becomes sour due to our bad relationships, such pals distance themselves from us. 

Instead of showing concern about what's happening and offering to help, they prefer walking out of your life just to let you carry the cross alone. Sometimes if you notice they are just there to gossip behind your back, it's good to verbally tell them off because they're not giving any support. 

2. Everything becomes awkward and embarrassing. 

When you're an all time fights couple, then no one wants to hang out with you. Everyone fears being involved in your troubles and weird things. People are trying to have good times and you're yelling and quarreling around. 

Definitely this makes you isolated, social circle draws away and desperation becomes your next step. 

3. Health issues. 

The mental, physical and emotional stress creeps in from the daily mistreatment. In response to stressing situations, heartbreak rate increases, breathing difficulties result and blood pressure rises. This is risking your life and exposing it to the danger of suffering from very harmful diseases. 

Ulcers also occur in such stages because sometimes you fail to eat since appetite drops. No need of subjecting yourself to this pain, just focus on what's best for you.

Hope by now you've seen the dangerous part of toxic affairs which damages personal, social, religious, economic and health status. It leaves you drained, weak and full of unanswered questions. I advise if things don't work out right, then move out of that relationship. 

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