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Common things that will kill even the best relationships

1. Lack of general intimacy

includes being emotionally close, physically close, listening, and nurturing that bond all the time.

2. Taking each other for granted

You got him to commit, so now you can back off a bit on the effort, right? Wrong. Same thing goes for the other way around.

3. Being selfless

Yeah, giving and considering the other person’s needs is important and necessary, but so is taking care of oneself. No one wants a partner who loses their identity in a relationship.

4. Being inconsistent

Feeling all about the relationship one day and like you could do without the next day will only leave the other person feeling unstable and insecure.

5. Breaking trust

Of course it’s possible to rebuild trust in the right relationships, but experience it too many times and that vow of honesty starts to mean nil.

6. Denying each other in public

Healthy couples don’t mind that other people know that they’re couple. If one person shies away from being open about the relationship, they might not be ready to be in.

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