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Wedding dress

Wedding dress shopping guide for every" bride to be"

At a young age I really wanted to get married.The little me never knew anything about marriage but the fact that I would wear a beautiful white gown looking like a princess fascinated me .The cake too was among the preferences of why I needed to have a wedding, but as I grew older that didnt matter.

As I grew older I realized that a white gown symbolizes purity or innocence.Who wouldn't want to be seen in such ? I am still fascinated about wedding gowns and hopefully one day I will have a chance to walk down the aisle in one.

Its every girl's dream to be in a wedding gown and say I do.I as one of them would like to share with you what I know and have learnt from having a peak and an interest in wedding gowns.

Gowns vary from the type of silhouette, skirt style,bodice and neckline shape .To make it easier to know this we can start from knowing our body shapes and which dress suits us.

Body shape.

1.Rectangle-body is proportional from up to down with a very little waist detail.The A-line dress ,Empire,ball and sheath gown suit this body shape.

2.Triangle-the hips are broader than the shoulders.The mermaid and ball gown gown suit this shape.

3.Inverted triangle-the shoulder are broader than the hips.A-line ,empire and ball gown suits this body shape.

4.Pear shape-the hips are broader .The A-line,mermaid or trumpet,empire and ball gown suit this body shape.

5.Hourglass- full waist and bust and a distinctive waist.All gowns are suitable for this body shape.

6.Round or apple-full bust and hips without a distinctive waist.Empire,mermaid and a - line gown suit this body shape.

Neckline shapes.


This is the upper part of the wedding gown.This goes hand in hand with the necklines.You can choose to have a strapless, backless or empire waist.


Ball gown -this is a princess dress.It has a full skirt and a fitted bodice.

Mermaid - this fits the body upto the knees and then flares.Ideal for curvy brides.

Trumpet - this is a flare dress.It fits through out the body and flarrs out at the thighs.It looks similar to a mermaid gown.

A-line gown - this is a flowy gown.It fits upto the waist and flows downwards.It symbolizes the letter A.

Sheath gown - this is a straight gown.It flows straight from the top to the bottom.Athletes and curvy brides tend to like it.

Tea lengths -this is a pretty dress that flows upto the knees or below.Its a simple and classic dress.

Wedding dresses are a task to find and figuring out what to wear on that special day takes months to decide.

I hope with this you are able to narrow down what it is you want.I wish you all the best as you choose your gowns and in your marriages.

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