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Medical Tests Couples Need to Get before Getting Married

HIV and other STDs

HIV, hepatitis B and C are conditions that last lifelong and if not properly managed can strain the marriage. Proper medical care can help reduce the risk of infertility and miscarriages.

Blood group compatibility test

Blood group needs to be compatible with each other to avoid problems during pregnancy like the Rhesus disease. It is a condition where antibodies in a pregnant woman's blood destroy her baby's blood cells.

Fertility test

This is essential as the issues can be addressed as early as possible without causing biological, psychological, social and emotional trauma one associates with bareness.

Genetic or chronic medical conditions

Early testing allows couples to seek medical care before the medical conditions gets to terminal stage. These tests should include screening for diabetes, test for hypertension and certain cancer kidney disease.


It can lead to a birth defects in your future children therefore you must get tested for before getting married.

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