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"He Paid Dowry for Another Lady While we were Still Dating." Gorgeous Gospel artist Tells

(Opera features)

Living your own life is the best thing you can in this world. Also living by your own means is good. Unfortunately many people fake their lives in order to fit in a certain group of people.

Some of the reasons why people fake their lives;

1. If one is famous and you don't have money.

2. You are under pressure to fit in a certain group of people in the society.

3. Competition from different kind of people.

4. Some people get jealousy due to other people's lifestyle.

5. Some people are popular but want to reach a certain bench mark.

6. People try to hide their miserable lives from the limelight.

7. So that they can get a huge following in the social media.

8. Others can't afford a nice and luxurious lifestyle.

After starting her music career, she decided to live her own life. She lived the life she can afford. Luckily she chose to live the life that is comfortable with. "The way people know me have no difference with how i live. I like a simple life. I can never pressurize myself trying to live a fake life." Floh K.

When it comes to music career there are two different aspects you have to understand. There is the ministry and the industry. Ministry is about winning souls. It's all about how you inspire, educate, teach and help people through your songs. Industry is about winning sense. It's all about how you can produce good music and get money and live a good life.

When your motive is right about what you are doing, you are good to go. In life make sure what you do is right. Never undermine, underestimate and ignore other people. Respect other people. According to Floh music is about being creative, persistence and patience.

Most of all love is the most important thing in the world. A big percentage are people who loved and later the relationship broke. Broken relationships may lead to depression, stress, suicide, loss of resources, loss of jobs and others things.

Unfortunately Floh's relationship never lead to marriage. After dating for two years, they decided to officiate everything. Their love life was good. Calling each everytime and taking care of each other. "He could call me and talk like two hours. Took me for dinner and surprised me most of the time." She adds.

Unfortunately they arranged to even meet all their parents. Her boyfriend kept postponing the visit. Floh never got suspicious of anything. She thought that he was just busy because he was a pastor.

One day the worst happened. Her fiance paid dowry for another woman. Floh never knew about it. One morning before going to job, she decided to check on her Facebook account. "His pictures were all over Facebook with his new wife. It was a big event where he even choose her bride among other ladies without mistaking." She says.

Floh even commented on the pictures. He later replied and said thank you for wishing him well in life. Floh was always in denial about the whole issue. She kept thinking that one day he will come back. Little did she know that he was gone for good.

"I was able to forgive him for good after writing him a lengthy message on Watsapp. In the message i made him remember where we came from and everything we did together. I later decided to move on with my life and fulfill my dreams." She adds. Floh is looking forward to being in another relationship.

She is now cosmetologist and a business woman. She have come from a family where her father is a Reverend.

Lessons learnt

1. Life is about forgiving and forgetting.

2. Never waste someone's time and resources if you know inside your heart you are not meant to be together.

3. Relationships is about trying to fit in together.

4.If a relationship fail know that you are not meant to be together. Never force it.

5. Never trust anyone. Only trust yourself.

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