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10 Reasons Why Single Mothers Make The Best Wives in Life and Why Winning Them is a Blessing.

Here are the ten reasons why single mothers are known to make the best wives.

1. A single mother is a hard worker. She will tirelessly work to ensure that she provides her children's basic needs.

2. A single mother is not the jealous type. She is a mother who embraces all, with love.

3. They are not desperate for men and can smell a douche bag from far.

4. They are known to be virtuous-gold, they have been tried and tested by fire, without knowing it they become the virtuous women.

5. A single mother is a strong woman since she acts as a father and the mother to all her children.

6. A single mother is financially independent. Such mothers know how to hustle and building empires for themselves and their children.

7. A single mother knows how to please her man.

8. A single mother always know how to look good even after bearing her children.

9. A single mother doesn't nag.

10. A single mother is a woman with a heritage. Her children portrays the good woman she has grown to be. A man who will win her heart has to go through her children first.

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