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How To Make Your Ex Miss You

If you're looking for ways on how to make your ex miss you,the first thing you need to know is that your ex can't miss you if you talk to your ex and annoy him or her.Pestering your ex with texts and calls will most likely achieve the opposite as it will smother your ex and make your ex feel even less attracted to you.

Here are 5 ways to make your miss you;

1•Cease your support _You must stop helping your ex emotionally,physically,financially and informationally.You must do that so your ex can stop relying on you and understand that there are things your ex lost with the breakup.

Your ex basically needs to see that life isn't going to be the same without you and that he or she has taken some things for granted.

2•Stop all communication and mind your own business _At first,your ex wil appreciate your absence and enjoy his or her alone time,but as time goes by,your ex could see things from a different perspective.

Your ex could process the suffocation and see what the breakup means for him or her.

3• Share your improvements with other people _Your ex may have been the one who had trouble staying connected with you,but that doesn't mean that your ex is the only one who has to grow. Due to different emotional needs and perceptions,you probably smothered your ex at times and made him or her crave space.

That's why you should reflect and learn why the breakup occurred and what you can do to prevent it from happening again in the future.

4•Learn more about relationship _Learn how to communicate and express yourself better and share your wisdom with your mutual friends and family. This may not necessarily impress your ex when your ex is happy that you're out of his or her life, but it will make your ex remember it and play with your ex's mind if your ex also reflects and sees that he or she was also responsible for the breakup.

5•Have fun and live with purpose _ Sobbing and hoping that your ex come back is not going to make your ex come back. It will just show that you've stuck in the past and that you lack the strength to move forward with your life. Remember that positivity confidence,and independence attract people. Anything contrary to that only repulse.

Finally, give it time,Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your ex overcome the most challenging emotions known to man.

It likely won't happen while you're desperate hoping for your ex to reach out and validate will probably happen when you get out of denial and let go of your expectations of your ex.

That's when your ex will also make some emotional progress and think and feel abit different about you.

Hope from the above list you have learnt somethings,make your decisions wisely and follow me for more of my articles and please share.

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