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Why Do You Think Ladies Leave Their Things At Their Boyfriend's House After A Short Visit?

Ladies what have you left in your boyfriends house on purpose with an excuse of having forgotten? Unfortunately nowadays ladies have this habit of leaving certain items in their boyfriend's house after a two or three days visit. When asked why, they say they forgot to carry them. If you are a man you might have seen your girlfriend forgetting certain things like necklace, lipstick, wristwatch, hairband even underpants in your house.

The truth is, they don't forget to carry them rather they leave those items on purpose. They have the reason behind. Next time remind your lady to carry all her things if you don't want her to come back. Some of the reasons why they leave items in your house are;

They want to come back next time.

Maybe the lady visited her man for the first time and she was warmly welcomed. She was made to feel at home. Obviously she would need such kind of treatment if not on daily basis but at least when she comes back she will expect to be treated the same way. The only way she can assure herself of coming back is by leaving some of her items behind like necklace.

To mark her territory.

It's the nature of ladies to get jealous when they see their men with other ladies and so no lady will be ready to see her man grooving on with other ladies. This will create automatic hatred.This is why when ladies visit their men they tend to forget certain items. I'm this case they will forget underpants to mark territory so that if at all another lady has to come in her absentia she will get to know that the lady of the house is around.

She wants to settle down.

As time goes by, men will realize that this lady has gone too far in as much as forgetting her items are concerned. The man will also realise that apart from forgetting her items, every time she comes for a visit she carries extra clothing and leave then there in the house. This is enough to show the man that this lady wants to move in. So it's upon the man to make decision if at all he wants to settle down with the lady and tell her a go ahead. If the man is not ready, he should also let the lady know.

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