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If A Shy Girl Has Romantic Feelings For You She'll Do These Two Things To Prove It

We have different types of women, that we meet in our daily lives and at some point an attachment is created. Maybe you will get a very courageous and confident girl who goes direct to the point. Her courage can't allow her to hide any feelings that she has for you.

Then there is the shy type that just acts silently. At times when you meet this shy lady, you'll notice that she behaves in a weird and a bit different way. Reason for this is that she has no courage to explain her feelings but deep down this girl is madly in love with you.


So to communicate her love, she opts to use other ways that are indirect but mean a lot about her real affection. These include;

Offering to help. 

This reveals the caring and supportive side of her. Whenever you are facing some challenges, this girl never hesitates to come over and help you get over that issue. Makes sure you're emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically and financially stable. When things are not working right, her shoulders become your leaning board untill everything goes back to normal. This is because she wants the best for you no matter how much it costs. 

Constant smiles.

Some ladies are blessed with a very beautiful smile such that a single smile can turn you on. You'll notice that whenever you interact, she smiles but still avoids any kind of direct eye contact. Incase this happens, try holding her cheeks then direct into the face, I'm telling you she will be unable to withstand it. Actually some just freeze in your arms and can't hold it anymore. But do this if only you are in an agreement that you can touch her. The beautiful and amazing smiles are a signal that she's happy to be around you. 

To conclude, it's important for every man to learn the signs women use to open up their feelings. You'll have different people with distinct traits which means you should heed to understand them. Otherwise if you don't react to them instantly you'll lose your crush. These two are the main ones, but you can still check on others which are closer to the mentioned ones. 

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