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Village Drama After A Father Warned His Son From Marrying Girlfriend For This Reason

Marriage is believed to be a permanent union between a man and woman who are in love. Many are advised to think and make the right choice before making a marriage decision.

The residents of Sigalagala village in Kakamega, witnessed a dramatic scene after a father confronted his son a warned him from marrying the love of his life.

According to reports from reliable sources, the father found out that the daughter, his son was dating was the child to his "side dish." He had to stop his son to enable the continuity of his relationship with the mother.

He told his son that marriage with that lady was unacceptable because they were relatives. However, his son did not agree because he was aware that there was no blood relation between them. He told his father that they were in love and marriage plans were underway.

The villagers who witnessed the incident had different reactions towards the issue. Some said that it was okay for the father and son to date mother and daughter while others said that it was an abomination. The issue was directed to the area assistant chief and village elders to provide a solution.

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