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Here Are 5 Sentences You Can Tell Someone Instead Of I love You

Saying I love you it has become a common word this days, it has also lost its meaning kind of because some use it but they do not mean what they say.

You can say other words to display the same meaning as I love you.

1.I care for you Alot.

Telling someone that means you always think of that person and you can as well do some actions to prove your words

2.You Can always count on me

This shows that this person will be beside you through thick and thin and will always protect you.

It is good too to keep promises as they are said because once you don't practice what you say trust and love will fade away.

3.When I'm with you I feel happy and never bored

This means that your partner adores your company and you are neither boring.

Look for activities to do together which will build more memories

4.I would like to spend the rest of my life beside you

Meaning you want to marry that person

5.If you need anything just tell me

Content created and supplied by: Trizahkatile (via Opera News )


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