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The type of woman every man would fall for

There are different types of women with different characters around the world. When it comes to loving, some women will always have an upper hand over others. Below are some types of women every man would fall for.

1. Funny as hell

When you are around a funny woman, you will always be smiling or laughing. She will always try to make you happy and that is the kind of woman any man would love to have.

2. Doesn't hold a grudge

After making a mistake and appologising to her, she forgives and forgets. She doesn't hold grudges. That's a good woman to have for any man.

3. Strong and resilient

Men like ladies who are tough. Despite any problem, they are able to say and okay and continue to do whatever they want to achieve.

4. Naturally romantic

No man would let a romantic woman go. A naturally romantic woman always brings love in everything she does.

5. Too smart

A smart woman is just an attraction to any man as she always seems to have a solution to any problem and always has a way of working things out

7. Has a big heart

She does not know how to hate, she loves the people around her, she likes appreciating and she is so welcoming. This is always a happy woman.

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