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"My Husband Put A Knife In My Birth Canal, And My Mum Insisted I Stay With Him" A Woman Narrates

I feel like every parent should listen to this story. It is a story of pain and a lot more pain more than the human mind can fathom. Julia Wangare shared her story where she was tormented, abused physically, harmed and even raped to a point of near death but the parents kept insisting telling her that marriage is not a bed of roses and that she should be patient with the husband.

I am not sure if everyone was raised in the African setting where marriage was taught to be sacred and be respected. At this point am not sure if our girls will get married due to fear. There is an increase in marital abuse that keep increasing in a very high rate.

Julia wangari was born in Subukia but came to Nairobi to find work and ended up being getting married. The first two months of her marriage was all sweet and she thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. On the third month, her husband started beating her up since she was not yet pregnant and that was the beginning of a very long and painful journey of 7 years of marriage.

She eventually got pregnant and bore her first son, but that did not make her husband less violent. She got a second pregnancy and the husband started beating her up hoping that she would get a Miscarriage his reason being that it was too soon for them to get another child.

She went through the pregnancy with alot of pain and delivered well but that was when hell broke loose. The husband kept beating her up to a point of raping her and made their moments as husband and wife become distasteful due to the manner he conducted them.

She has been in a marriage of pain for more than seven years but one thing left her unable to do anything but go back to her parents house.

On that fateful day, the husband had a motive of killing her. He cut her up with a slasher, and even put a knife in her birth canal as a way to never let another man be with her wife. From what she said, she has never cheated on her husband.

Her greatest cry is that her ex husband left her Physically handicapped since she can't even sit for more than an hour without the pain from the wounds caused by the knife. She said that her head is also physically hurt and she has developed a problem of fainting, her wound is also constantly causing her pain. The pain this woman went through is more than one person can handle.

The painful bit about all this is that she opened up to her mum but her mum insisted that she should stay with her husband, be patient and wait for him to change.

Share widely and let that African parent know that insisting on someone to stay with a violent partner is like digging an early grave for their kids. Please let them know that there is life after divorce.

If only Julia's mum came to her rescue the first time the incident happened, Julia would still be healthy and able to look after her two children.

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