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Reasons Why Your Woman Avoids You During Intimacy And How To Handle The Situation.

When in a marriage, we expect couples to share the emotional and intimate aspect of love. However, this is not the case in most relationships. You find that most guys experience hard situations in marriage due to lack of intimacy. Women avoid their men, something which remains a mystery for most. 

Here are some reasons why this happens. 

1. Loss of trust. 

Women get emotional impacts when they do something wrong. The guilty feeling makes her feel uncomfortable around you, so she tries to avoid any sort of attachment just to set herself free. 

If you break her trust in you, she will try to keep a distance. Until she forgives or you choose to work on redeeming yourself in the eyes of your woman. 

2. Exhaustion. 

There are high chances of ladies getting extremely tired at the end of the day. Results due to overworking in the house and indulging in physical activities which drains their energy. 

Most modern women are always engrossed in running daily life errands and working under very tight schedules. Later in the evening, all she wants is to rest, get a soft massage then relax for a peaceful sleep. 

Thus it is important to give her enough time to compensate for the lost strength then she will voluntarily offer to take time for you. 

3. Family issues. 

The natural womanly instincts in her keeps her mind carried away by the ongoing family problems. Most of the time she's concerned with the children's welfare, which shifts her thoughts from bedroom matters. 

Be nice to her by giving assurance that everything will be sorted out. Teach your wife on how to let down her guard and enjoy life without stress. 

Therefore, take it lightly by understanding the fact that ladies go through a lot and they do some things due to pressure. She's not avoiding your seductive moves because she's jilting. Be a good man who stands strong to give his wife support and care. 

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