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Spirit of Rejection What it is And How To Deal With It.

Many of us have been having problems here and there being rejected either in jobs, marriages, schools, by friends, by family and many more without really knowing what is the problem.

This has led to some people ending up in depression without really knowing that it was something that they could do away with through prayer.

Let us therefore get to understand what the spirit of rejection is first.

A spirit of rejection is that spirit that makes you unwanted by others in that it prevents them from seeing your worth. You therefore find it difficult to find a lasting relationship either with your parents, in your marriage or at workplaces.

Here is what the spirit does to the person.

If you are in a family you find everyone disliking you for no reason, you go searching for a job you have all the qualifications and more but securing the job is hard or even if you get one it will not last for long before you are sacked. You find that you are in school nut the teachers tend to hate you for nothing even though you are performing well. You are trying to fall in love but everyone you come across does not last for long with you since they feel something is wrong with you even when you both are in so much love with each other.

However there is good news for you and you should therefore avoid stressing and hating yourself for nothing.

If you happen to realise that you have this spirit hindering your success in life then the only you can fight it with is prayer. Pray and pray until this spirit is powerless and yourself worth is restored and from there everything will fall in place.

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