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Your Partner Could Be Cheating if They Are Doing This

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Committing infidelity may take many patterns, from an improper messaging to several months of physical affairs, but it is not unusual. According to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, 25% of married men and 15% of married women have been involved in extra-marital relationships. 

The number climbed to another 20% for both men and women if the breadth was stretched to involve emotional cheating. Many people will suspect cheating at one point or another, always triggered by obvious warnings. But what may be the biggest indication that your significant other is cheating? When you realize a change in most of their habits. 

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A private investigator and a retired federal agent, Tom Martin, told The Independent that most usual cheating giveaways that stood out in his 40 years of investigative experience are all related to a breach of normal patterns: a new commitment to the gym, unusual business trips, radically changed personal style and longer hours at work. 

Although Martin emphasized that just one or two alterations were not cause for uncertainty in their own right, a number of changes are reason enough to be worried about. 

Along with the cheating indications Martin says, Robert Weiss, an expert in intimacy and relationships who writes for Psychology Today notes that you should look for sudden moments when your partner cannot be reached. 

“When your partner is unreachable when working late or while on a business trip, and they give reasons like they were driving or in a meeting, it is a bad sign”, writes Psychology Today. 

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Actually, technological advancements are usually the key factors when it comes to detecting a partner’s potential cheating. Not only has technology given people more opportunities to cheat, they have also raised the chances of the cheaters betraying themselves. 

Martin says, “committing infidelity has changed a lot, and technological inventions are the reason as to why.”


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