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Relationship and Age.

Nowadays people think being in a relationship it is just a matter of trials. Relationships needs time, so that each person or gender to understand other person deeply so that they can come with a reasonable decision to start a new beginning together as one. A case study nowadays shows majority of Youth who venture in relationships, most of them end up in fights or worse killing one another, in this case relationship and Age goes hand in hand, maturity is the main thing to consider when someone wants to venture in relationship. Relationship is not a game that you try, if it win or fails, it's a live time decision you make as a man or woman who knows what they are doing and they have a good reason why they are doing so. This is because relationship needs a lot of self sacrifice from things which you loved doing when you,re still single. Age at some point can interfere with a given relationship that is when someone starts relationship with someone who's mind and thought are not yet matured, because of their Age it will bring a huge problem in a relationship. In conclusion relationship and Age goes hand in hand and let nobody try to convince you to try something new which your body, mind are not ready to, take time plan what you want to do first with your life before venturing in relationship which requires a lot of sacrifice.

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