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Muthoni Wa Mukiri Teaches People On How To Spice Up Their Marriage

Former Inooro Tv news anchor Muthoni Wa Mukiri is an entrepreneur who owns the Mukiri Hub where she sells all types of wigs to ladies. She is a queen who leaves many admiring her for her personality. She is a real beauty with brains.

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Muthoni is a YouTuber who uses that platform to teach people how to cope up with different situations in life, like how to deal with depression, forgiveness, mental health, and also self-esteem.

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In today's video, she hosted a counseling psychologist called Jennifer Mwangi, and they discussed in detail how to spice up a marriage.

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They helped married couples know how to be smart in the bedroom and advised them on the best way to ensure that they have the most effective communication.

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They advised ladies to pay attention to the minor details in the bedroom because they are always ignored, hence making marriages to be boring. Things to do with dressing in torn clothes, dirty stockings, wearing like you are going to the moon and much other unnecessary dressing are always a turn-off to men.

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This talk caught many people's attention and they rushed to comment about how helpful it was. Some of the comments made on the video are shared below:

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Which mistakes are often observed in the bedroom that ends up being a turn-off? Share with us in the comment section below. Please like and share this post. Thank you.

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