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Statement That Might Show Your Relationship Might Be Over

Many at times in relationships, people break up without saying the exact words that “it is over”. They might instead use words that indicate the relationship has come to an end. Every so often, people fail to know these words or statements which normally end the relationship emotionally and eventually a physical separation happens.

Below I highlight some of these statements that might indicate the relationship is over:

1. Self-Love: When you hear your partner mentioning the words: “it is time for self-love” or posting hashtags of self-love, it is an indication that your partner has come to the realisation that they will not find the love they need from you and have therefore decided to emotionally lock you out.

2. Positive Emotions Only: Or at times you may hear “No Space for Negative Emotions” or “I have no time for negative people”. This is an indication that your partner is emotionally fatigued in dealing with the drama that the relationship has. They want to have space to be by themselves because they have realised that they are drowning in your presence.

3. I Have Never Felt This Free: This is a statement that is said mainly after separation, and it is an indication that your partner doesn’t want to reconcile. They have come to the realisation that they would rather be alone and feel peaceful, than be with you and be hurt.

4. Relationships Are Overrated: This is one of the most subtle yet powerful indications that your marriage or relationship is on its knees. Because it simply means that your partner has stopped believing in the dream they had about how a relationship or marriage should be. They are already picturing themselves living without you.

5. Happiness Is Personal/Never Compromise Your Happiness: This is a statement of frustration from a partner who has realised that the assumption they had that being in a relationship with you, would make them happy. They have had enough days and nights of crying about the relationship, and now they are fighting for their own happiness independent of the relationship.

6. I Am Tired of Living For Others: This statement spells the end of the road for the relationship as you once knew it. Simply because your partner has come to a point where they no longer put you or the relationship first because they have done it for a while, and they didn’t benefit from it.

7. I Can Do Whatever I Want: This statement is a very clear indication that your partner has left your marriage and does not want any accountability whatsoever. It might be based on your actions or their actions, but that statement indicates that the relationship is over and they want to move on.

8. Jesus Is My Spouse: Not to mock this statement because it is a strong spiritual statement, but there are moments in relationships when a person has given up on the relationship and they don’t use this statement to depict their relationship with Jesus, but as an indication that they are no longer concerned about their relationship and they have no intention to continue trying. They would rather get lost in religion.

There are many other statements which people say or which people use when they have emotionally left the relationship and they are preparing for the physical exist. All in all, it is always good to understand where the person is coming from and whether they can be saved or not. 

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