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5 Reasons Why Ladies Should Start Asking Men Out Directly

We've grown up in a society where men always make the first move in a relationship. They approach the lady, invite them for the first date, plan the next one, buy the engagement ring, plan for the wedding pay dowry...the list is endless. These are some of the things that need to be addressed if at all we are to create the equilibrium we talk about daily. It won't hurt a fly if the woman makes the first move, would it?

Thus, here are reasons why ladies need to break the cycle, woman-up and make the first move in a relationship:

1. Power over the relationship

As a lady, you've probably been in a relationship where the guy has most if not all the power; he makes the key decisions, organises dates, sents the first texts, buys the flowers etc. Wouldn’t it be nice of you too welded such power and influence over your man. It's nice when your opinions are taken into account. When you make the first move, you show there and then that you know what you want out of the relationship. You know which direction you want the relationship to take. The guy will take you more seriously.

2. Guys like bold women

Every girl needs a strong man, yet to get a strong man, you also need to be a strong woman and show that you're indeed strong. A dude will find it refreshing to be wooed and blown off his feet unsuspectingly by lady. And here's the secret, most men respond positively to women who are go-getters. Your advances will most likely pay out.

So the more you become strong enough to ask guys out, the more manly men gravitate toward you. However, if you're turned down, that's still a positive response; you may not be their type.

3. You'll be incharge of your own dating options

As we've said above, asking him out will give you power in the relationship. It also enables you to be incharge of your dating options. We are in the 21st century, where girls can say whatever they want directly to any man’s face. Gone are the days when women depended on men for money, family, or life decisions. Seek men proactively without fear or hesitation. That's the only way you'll land your perfect match!

4. No more waiting

We are not in the Victorian era where women had no choice but to wait for men. Today, if you want him, go get's a free world we're leaving in. Approaching a partner is indeed exciting, exhilarating, and challenging, but that's where the joy is hidden. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment and happiness you’d get if the guy you thought wasn't your class ends up saying yes?

Guys like the chase because it’s fun and addictive. Who said women shouldn’t have that, too?

5. The competition is high

Finally, the competition in the dating scene is stiff. There's no time for procrastinators. Handsome and cute men are becoming scarce by the hour. If you can see he's great, be sure that you are not the only one who can notice that... many eyes have already seen that. If you like him, he’ll probably be taken before he even has time to look at you! Madam, these material guys are getting harder and harder to spot with each passing day. If you happen to meet an interesting one who seems to be available, grab that opportunity, and present yourself to him and let the games begin.

Asking people out shows women don’t rely on others’ opinions of them. It that lady is secure enough to be confident and bold about herself. If you're a queen, remember that queens have as much power as kings. Take charge and ask that man out.

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