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5 Annoying Boyfriend Habits That Girls Hate

Some of the things done by men can be irritating to women. Below are some of the habits men should avoid in order to always please their ladies :

1.Putting your stuffs in her handbag when about to go out with her.

Girls really hate this habit because some of the items like cameras and phones are heavy. Most annoying part sets in when the guys fail to use the stuffs in the handbag.

2.Always want her to go out with you to hangout with your friends, but never agrees to go out with her to hangout with her friends.

Many boyfriends are guilty of this, but girls genuinely hate it. Girls like showing off their guy to their friends and thus they will want you to follow them once in a while to go hangout with their friends.

3.Scratching your balls.

This behavior irritates girls so much as they see is as lack of manners and etiquette. Others think that this behavior should only be seen in small boys.

4.Forgetting important plans that you made together.

Girls hate it when they enquire about a plan you made a few days before and you seem not to be recalling.

5.Sending one-word reply to long, sensitive texts.

One word reply implies that you don't want to hear from her. A guy may reply with one word texts while playing games or busy doing his own stuffs. Girls hate it because they always require attention from their boyfriends.

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