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5 Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle With Love

1. Intelligent People Overthink Everything

They often like to check out and analyze all the qualities and characteristics of someone before starting a relationship with them.

2. They Are Comfortable Being Independent

Intelligent people are generally very comfortable all by themselves. In fact, the more intelligent someone is, the more they value independence.

3. They Trust Their Minds More Than Their Hearts

They make every decision after logically considering all the options. As a result, they often stick to whatever their brain tells them, irrespective of whatever they feel in their heart.

4. Intelligent People Are More Suspicious

Intelligent people are easily suspicious especially when trying to choose a partner. They can think up a lot of bad things, all because they don’t want to be deceived into selecting the wrong person.

5. They Prioritize Their Goals in Life

They have dreams and plans that they set timelines to, and they often drop everything else to focus on them.

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