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Signs Your Partner's Love Is Fake.

In a relationship, everyone one believes that their partner's love is genuine. Many times, you may ignore things your partner does and believe they will change because you are a understanding partner to them. However, here are some signs that your partner doesn't truly love you.

1.They try to change you.

He/she will always make you lose confidence in yourself. They try to make you change how you behave in order to please them. However, you should know that true love doesn't take away from your spirit.

2.They control you.

He/she will tell tell you can and cannot hangout with, what you should wear or time you should be home. They will always make a decision on what you should do together. In a health relationship,your partner doesn't control you because true love allows you to make your own decisions.

3.They don't trust you.

Your partner might be over suspicious and fail to respect your privacy by going through your phone just to feel better. He/she will be jealous and worry about who you are with and what you are doing. However, if your partner loves,they will believe in you and allow you to spend time with friends.

4.They don't prioritize you.

Your partner may stay for long without meeting you or even replaying to your text messages. He/she may cancel the plan you had together by making an excuse that something came up. However, if someone loves they will always make time for you.

5.They seem uninterested.

Your partner may seem uninterested with your life, they may not ask about your passion, interests and goals. He/she will not make an effort to know you better or even get bored when you tell them about your friends and family. A person who truly loves you will be curious to hear about your interests and plans.

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