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Help Us! Our Husbands Are Starving Us- Kakamega Women Cry Out

Photo Courtesy. Images were taken from previous incidents.

There is a popular saying that night activities between couples help to keep the marriage fire burning. In other words, the role of intimacy between couples goes a long way to fix marital issues. 

A group of women from Shibule Village, Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County are now threatening to stage demonstrations against recent developments that have left them dry and high. 

According to the ladies, the issue of insecurity in the village has become a major challenge for locals with cattle thieves always looking to pounce whenever locals have gone to bed. 

This has forced the men to stay awake during the night to repel the thieves from taking their animals. This has meant that most men are spending the night away from thus resulting in major bedroom issues with their wives. According to the women, the lack of bedtime activities with their men has become a major challenge with some women forced to go outside to look for vital services. 

The women noted that it's been months since the trend began and it does not look like it's going to change. "Cattle theft in this area has brought

most of our marriages to the verge of collapse because many of us want children and to have more time with our men. In some cases, it has led to infidelity," said Alice Anangwe.

They are now pleading with the police to provide more security so that their husband can return home and ensure their wives are satisfied. 

"I am still young. I have the urge for sexx and I also desire to have children, but I cannot because my husband spends more time outside the house at night keeping watch. This puts me in a difficult position because I can't get enough time with my husband," Another 'Hungry wife' complained. 

Meanwhile, share with us your thoughts on the matter kindly. 

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Kakamega County Lurambi Shibule Village


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