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Divorce Affair

5 top leading causes of divorce in Kenya

In the recent times, divorce cases in Kenya have been on the rise. It is paramount to discuss issues that lead to divorce. This will help people recognise the problem and solve it before it does a lot of harm to them. The following are top leading causes of divorce.

1. Financial issues. Finances play a vital role in the stability of a family. This is because every aspect of raising the family relies on the finances. If the family depends on only one breadwinner, resources are likely to be inadequate. This results to constant rage and quarrels which eventually leads to divorce.

2. Domestic violence. It is normal to experience conflicts in the course of marriage. If the conflicts lead to domestic violence, it is no longer normal. Some partners are naturally violent. This affects both men and women. Some people persevere in the hope that their partner will change. Others however will opt out of the marriage to save their lives because domestic violence can easily lead to death.

3. Alcohol and drug abuse. Constant use of alcohol and drugs interferes with a person's ability to make decisions. They are therefore prone to making mistakes in the management of their homes. Again, addiction makes one to exhaust family resources to satisfy their quench. This leaves the other partner in bitterness and will eventually opt out of the marriage.

4. Infidelity. Cheating on your partner has grave consequences. Apart from engaging in sexual behaviours with someone who is not your partner, cheating can also be emotional. When a partner is emotionally ignored for long, they are likely to feel lonely. Cheating leaves a partner with feelings of bitterness which will lead to divorce.

5. Infertility. Couples go into marriage with the hope of getting children. When this is not forthcoming, frustration is likely to set it and when not properly handled, will lead to divorce.

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