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Cheating In Relationships Is Not The Major Cause Of Breakups

Relationships are majorly based on love and friendship. Love acts like the fuel that keeps couples going. There are several challenges that affect people in a relationship.

One netizen asked, apart from cheating, what else could lead one to end a relationship? Surprisingly, several netizens stated that cheating can not make them end a relationship. The reason they gave is that it rains everywhere.

They instead gave other reasons that could break a relationship. Some said that lies, lack of communication, lack of respect, verbal and physical abuse would make them leave a relationship.

Relationships therefore thrives when the parties involved makes a choice to stick by each other for better and for worse. The hilarious netizens came up with other funny reasons like soil erosion, loans, eating too much and bed wetting as reasons that would make them walk out of a relationship.

One netizen was quite specific that she wouldn't turn back if someone showed her a knife. She said that she seriously fears a knife and wouldn't stay in a relationship whether it was done jokingly or not.

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