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10 Signs The Love In Your Relationship Is Gone.

It sucks whenever you find yourself in a relationship with someone who doesn't love you anymore. People fall out of love in relationships all the time. It can happen to any relationship regardless of how long the two of you might have been together. So, if you notice that a lot of these things apply to your relationship, there might be some cause for worry.

1. You no longer talk about what it would be like to bring your relationship into the future. As a couple, you do not have any particular goals or dreams for yourselves. The both of you are just coasting and riding the waves.

2. You feel okay with the fact that you're no longer expressing your love and affection to one another. You don't say "I love you" as much as before.

3. Whenever you are around other couples who are happy and in love, you are often exposed to their happy lives. You hate that other couples seem to be doing fine, and here you are struggling to keep your practically ded relationship afloat.

4. You feel like the relationship is more of a burden than a privilege and it's holding you back. You are no longer happy to put in the work for your relationship.

5. The communication in your relationship drops. Communication is always going to be if great importance in any kind of a relationship. When you communicate with one another, you connect and bond with each other. When it diminishes, the level of intimacy and affection you have for one another is going to drop as well.

6. You criticize every little thing about each other. Criticism should always be welcomed in any kind of relationship, but it should be done out of love. When your criticisms are merely masking for insults, then you know that your relationship has little to no love left in it.

7. You feel emotionally drained because of your relationship. You've lost patience in your relationship because it has caused immense stress in your life. And you don't really want to have much to do with it anymore.

8. One of the biggest telltale signs that you have lost the love in your relationship is when you start daydreaming about being with someone else. You even go as far as to start thinking about what life would be like in a relationship with someone else.

9. You are no longer interested in fixing the issues with your relationship. Neither of you feels like you have the urgency to fix the problems in your relationship. At the back of your minds, you know that your relationship is going to come to an end anyway, and it would be a waste of time for you to still be dwelling on your problems.

10. You have lost all sense of trust in your relationship. You are practically just two individuals who are living a sad life alongside one another.

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