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4 Ways Men Are Losing Their Supremacy In Marriage

Marriage is where two people come together legally to build a family. It's a long journey of two or several according to their decision to make a home and bear the responsibilities which come along with.

Men are the supreme being in families. They lead their homes,nurture and protect them. It's a divine obligation for a man to care about his family. There are ways that men are losing the Supremacy in marriage and has resulted to women taking control.

1) You don't provide

Providing for your family is a responsibility that a man bears all through. Providing is not only mines stuffs but security and moral support to a family at large. Provide finances,security and stand out as a man. Let the kids feel secure when you are around. If you fail in this,the woman will take control.

2)You Don't work for your family

It's unfortunate most men work and squander their hardly earned money on alcohol and useless betting. They depend on woman earnings. If you come home drunk and beating everybody,it becomes scary. Work,invest and look forward in having the best for your family.

3) You don't plan with your


As a man,you should table things with your wife. Let her feel included. You can get advised here and there but make sure you include your wife. You only share ideas and agree together. Sharing with your relatives and leaving your woman behind it hurts her and thinks you are not capable enough for firm decisions.

4)You don't respect and love your wife

Loving your wife is the best thing you can do to her. Do not treat her as a slave. Always up and down for you but you can stretch your finger to help. Let the family around you know the love you have for her. Do not take her for granted. Cherish her always.

Men should take back their superiority roles and avoid losing their identity. Men should take charge.

Kindly share your views on the same.

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