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3 Common Reasons Why Most Men Are Rejected By Women

When a man approaches a lady, there are two expected outcomes, she either accepts you or reject you. This usually depends with whether you have the things that a lady wants in a man. If you have the qualities that a lady wants, she will fall for you on the spot.

What are some of the things that contribute to a man being rejected by a woman? Below are three of the common things you should know.

1. Physical appearance. Don't think that it is only men who look at a lady to determine whether she is beautiful or not. Ladies too scrutinize a guy's looks before deciding to respond. Handsome guys are most of the time advantaged.

2. The financial status of a man. Modern ladies believe that a real gentleman has money. This has made relationships to be dependent on money. Without money you will not be able to date a girl because they all want men with money.

3. Poor hygiene. Women are very clean as compared to most men. A guy ho is always clean will attract more ladies that a dirty guy. Hygiene plays a vital role in relationships. Always look neat and ensure your house is clean and no lady will reject you.

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