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Huge Mistakes Men Make That Chases Away Women

Hello guys, hope you are coping up well with life. I know you are asking yourself questions the reason as to why you are still single till date. Do not worry because this article will help you rectify on some of the mistakes that you always fo unknowingly. So meanwhile, do not forget to follow our page for more articles related to such topics.

Being in a hurry to start a relationship.

As a man, you should take time before you decide to make your move. You can't just see a girl and the next minute you start to explain to her on how much you love her. If you are that type of a man, no woman will ever take you seriously.

If you want a girl to go missing after you talk to her during the first day, just tell her that you love her. I am not saying that there's nothing like love at first sight. What i am actually trying to say is that, if you love her at first sight, you should just keep it to yourself until you are fully aware of what you are feeling.

If you do that to her, she will keep on wondering if you do that to all girls you come across. It's very hard to change her thinking if she has already viewed you in such a perspective. What i would urge you is to stay patient. Love comes slow and leaves so fast so be keen.

Being stingy.

It won't be fair if i leave this point out. It's a fact that nobody would like to be associated with a person who is too stingy. It's good to give out rather than receiving. Women tend to have this habit of them being the receiver in any relationship.

It's high time you stop being stereotypes. Any relationship will always last longer if both parties contribute evenly. It isn't a must that you give out money to her but ideas are also important in any relationship.

Some men are stingy when it comes to socializing with girls. They always want to be the ones talking while she listens. This behavior is a complete turn off to most ladies. You should allow every one to share out his or her own view without interrupting them.

Not being straight forward.

Am sure nobody would like to be with a person they can't predict. You should always be reliable when it comes to women. Reliability is essential to every women, if you tell her that you will show up then do the necessary. Once she starts doubting you, you will have a hard time winning her again.

Such a reason will make any woman look for another man who she thinks he will give her want she wants in life. You should be a man of high integrity. By this, i am trying to mean that, be that type of person who sticks to what you have to say.

Lastly, no woman would want to be associated with a man who is over possessive. Yes you may not want to lose her but why should you monitor her wherever she goes? Just give her enough freedom, if she values the relationship, she will always stay loyal to you. Thanks for your time and see you soon.

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