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Ways in Which You Can Make a Woman Feel Loved

Mistakes and failures in relationships are the keys to learning, growth and understanding. Listed below are some of the ways in which you can make a woman feel loved;

1. Make time for her consistently- Creating time for the woman in your life helps her feel important, cared for and loved.

2. Appreciate her- There are so many things that are done by women that we take for granted. Thoughtful gestures, healing touch, care for children are just some of the many things a man can appreciate about the woman in his life.

3. Offer a listening ear- unlike men, women love to talk as a way of expressing themselves, sharing and loving.

4. Show openness and honesty- when you do converse, nothing can make a woman feel more loved than honesty.

5. Be vulnerable with her- just as much as they appreciate your being there for them, women also want to be there for you. Sharing your vulnerability gives the woman in your life a chance to comfort you, nurture you and love you.Photos: courtesy.

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