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6 signs of a good husband

1) A good man can stay for months without buying clothes for yourself all because he want to put food on the table he sacrifice stay stay hungry for his family to eat and survive.

2) A hard working man does not wait for job he get dressed and leave the house without direction, but he come back home with money after toiling day and night.

3) A man that accepts to be embarrassed, disgraced and abused because they can't afford to get a decent job and as a woman when he bring home peanuts, don't throw it right back in your face instead motivate him

4) A man who is willing to deprive himself of Pleasure so as to provide to his lovely family

5) A man who is ready to take insults abuses by people who are older than him, but they take it to protect his family.

6) A man who is able to provide to there parents and to your parents.

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