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Reasons why relationships last for a long time.

Partners speak out their heart when there is an issue.

For a healthy relationship talking is always the main thing here. Without communication in a relationship we refer to that relationship as dead. Opening up and talking to your partner about you feelings make you want to talk to each other every time you two have an issue. That is the key thing that mainly strengthens relationships.

Trusting each other.

This is another main reason that makes a relationship break. Once you seem suspicious to your other partner there is no way you are going to trust each other and you will always find a way to end that relationship by pointing out mistakes that are not even there. Trust is like a practice. If you do not practice to trust your partner then who will?

Sharing the small that they have got.

I know that most people in a relationship tend to share but the percentage matters to. What do you both have in common and what don't you have in common? What you do not have in common you strive to get it by sharing the little you have to make it a large thing. it may sound as a small thing to do but honestly it really keeps the bond in a relationship strong and long lasting.

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